Vegan Chiang Mai Noodles

When you want a warm hug in a bowl, this should be your go to recipe! I can't recommend this enough! Warming spicy Thai flavoured noodles with vegan keema and plenty of vegetables. 

This recipe feeds two hungry people. 




Step 1. In a pan heat, 1 tbsp of scallion oil and sear mushrooms until browned on both sides, set aside

Step 2. In the same pan, sauté the vegan keema with 2 tbsp of Bangkok curry and a touch of water to heat through, set aside

Step 3. Dilute 3 tbsps of Bangkok Curry in a pan with water add cooked noodles, seasoning with soy sauce.

Assembly - Place noodles in bowl, add mushrooms, vegan keema, pak choy.

Garnish with chillies, Fried Garlic and limes